windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Why It's Worth Upgrading Your Home With Motorized Shades

Ray Moreno

Are you looking to replace the window coverings in your home with something new? Now may be the time to upgrade to motorized shades. They can provide the following benefits to your home that you may not have thought of.


One thing that you cannot deny about motorized shades is that they are convenient. While old motorized shades used to be controlled with a remote control, new motorized shades can even be activated with your voice. This means that opening and closing the shades can be done in an instant with minimal effort, which means that you are likely to use the shades as intended. 


Having the convenience to open and close the shades with electronic devices also means that you can automate them. You can set your motorized shades to open up in the morning to let in that glorious natural light from the sun, and then close the shades as you head off to work and have nobody home. It's a small incentive that you will not appreciate until the automation is in place.

Energy Efficiency

All of that automation means that you can make your home more energy efficient. You'll set and forget your shade's schedule so that they close during the day in the summer and prevent that heat from warming up your home. This reduces the stress on your home's HVAC system and reduces your energy bill as a result. Anything that you can do to cut back on the energy your home uses is going to be great in the long run.


Motorized shades can also provide safety in a couple of ways. If you have a kid or pets in your home, the lack of any sort of cord is going to give you peace of mind so that they do not get tangled in it. In addition, those automated shades can close during the day and when you are at home in the evening to prevent other people from looking in. This can prevent criminals from being able to see what is in your home and come back later to rob the place. 


Know that motorized shades manufactured these days come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. You won't be limited to a certain type of shade, since you can buy what you want rather than what is available. This may have caused you to avoid motorized shades in the past, but be happy with buying them today. 

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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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