windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Factors That Determine the Cost of Window Installation

Ray Moreno

If you plan to install new windows in your home, you have to factor in the window type, style, and design. However, you'll also have to evaluate the costs of your window installation project. Many variables determine the amount you'll pay to get new windows for your property.

Even if you replace outdated windows, you must know the overall cost of installation especially if you have an older home. Replacing windows comes with many benefits. You must also engage a professional window installer to ensure you get the right glass that enhances energy efficiency. Even though there's no definite price for a window installation project, the following factors can help you budget.


The window material you appoint for your project influences the amount you'll pay. Often, you'll find wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum frames. These materials vary in cost. Depending on the scope of your window installation project, you can expect to pay different rates for each type of material. You should also involve a skilled glazier to help you pick window materials that suit your budget and offer low maintenance and artistic value.

Size of Your Window

The size of your windows affects the installation costs. If you have large openings, you'll need more materials, and this drives up the costs. If you have smaller windows, you'll need fewer materials and you pay less. If you have standard window sizes, you can go for bulk replacement windows and get a good discount.


Installing new or replacement windows requires labor. The skill that a window installation professional has will determine the overall cost. If you engage a highly specialized installation service, they'll provide specialist skills and equipment. They charge more than your local glazier. If you require special installation for your bay or bow windows, the additional re-fitting work can add to the costs. If your windows need new framing or the customized replacement windows need more work, you'll often pay more.

Type of Window

Are you installing single, double, or triple panes in your new windows? Essentially, triple panes will cost you more than double pane windows. If you're opting for insulated glass instead of regular panes, it costs more. The type of glass insulation you'll select will also impact the installation costs.


When you install or replace windows, you'll want to benefit from their visual appeal. If you install sophisticated designs with stunning finishes, the cost will increase. Windows with decorative accents and hardware cost more than their counterparts with simple glass designs.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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