windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Window Tinting Could Keep Your Nursery Safer And More Comfortable For Your Baby

Ray Moreno

If you're fixing up the nursery for your new baby, you've probably given a lot of thought to window treatments. Some types of drapes and blinds can be dangerous once your baby is old enough to play on the floor and grasp at things. When you're considering your options, don't forget about window tinting. Here's why you may want window tint for the windows in your baby's room.

Window Tint Reduces Heat Transfer

If the nursery has windows that face west or south, the sun may heat the room up too much in the summer. Window tinting is actually a film that's applied to your windows. The film reflects the sun and prevents heat transfer.

If the nursery has old windows with single-pane glass, the windows probably aren't very energy-efficient. A good solution is to have window tint applied to prevent solar warming of the room and to make it easier to control the temperature throughout the day.

Window Tint Eliminates Glare And UV Exposure

Window tint could even make the room safer for your baby by protecting your baby's skin from UV exposure. The film also blocks glare so you don't have to worry about bright sunlight making your baby's eyes uncomfortable.

If the sun pours through the window and shines on your baby while playing or sleeping in the afternoon, you may prefer having window tinting in place so you never have to worry about the sun and glare. Otherwise, you might need to open and close drapes constantly throughout the day to keep the room from being so bright it hurts your baby's eyes.

Window Tinting Protects Your Baby's Privacy

Window tint won't block the windows at night when you have the lights on in your baby's room, so you might still want short curtains to close over the windows at night. However, the tint provides excellent privacy protection during the day when it is lighter outside than it is inside.

If you have close neighbors, or you just want to shield your baby's room from view during the day while leaving the curtains open for natural light, then window tinting is the perfect solution.

Window Tinting Poses No Hazards To Your Child

When a window tinting service installs the film, the film is stuck on the glass to stay. You don't have to worry about your baby peeling it off when they reach the curious toddler stage. Plus, you'll be able to eliminate having blinds and curtains in the way during the day your toddler could pull down or get tangled in.

Instead, you can close curtains at night when your baby goes to bed and open them first thing in the morning before your child gets up so the curtains are always out of the way when your child is active. However, the windows will still be covered for privacy and to shield your baby from the sun when you have window tinting applied.

To get started or to learn more, reach out to a local window tinting service.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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