windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Getting New Windows? Know The Different Options To Pick From

Ray Moreno

Have your home's original windows reached the point that they can no longer be repaired? If so, you'll be investing in some new windows for your home. This gives you the opportunity to customize your windows so that they best fit your need. Here are some option you'll have to pick from when selecting new windows.

The Glass

One big decision you'll need to make is about the type of glass that goes into the window, with there being option for single, double, or triple pane glass. In general, the cost is going to go up as you add more panes, but you'll see improvements when it comes to insulation, noise dampening, and security. You'll find that double pane glass is a good compromise between price and function

The Style

While many homes have single or double hung windows in them, now is the time put in other styles that may fit your needs better. Know that you do not need to use the same style of window throughout your entire home. While double hung windows may work best for windows in your bedrooms, casement windows can be a great choice in places where the window is a bit different.

Since double hung windows have a crank, they work best for windows that are very tall and would be difficult to install a window that slides up and down. They can also be used for windows that are higher off the ground, since it would require a step ladder to get high enough to open a double hunt window.

Casement windows also allow you have a large pane of glass without any type of divider in them. This makes them ideal for when you have a certain aesthetic in mind where you don't want the pane of glass broken up

The Material

While wood is a very popular material for windows due to its looks, it does require more maintenance over the years to keep it looking great. Wood requires that the material is sealed to prevent water damage, and then painted or stained when it starts looking bad. Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance aside from washing them, which helps your windows look great all year round.

Can't decide on what features you want for your new windows? Work with a local window contractor for assistance. They'll walk you through all your options to help you make an informed decision that you won't regret.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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