windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

3 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Replace Your Home's Windows

Ray Moreno

Many people hang onto their windows for far longer than they should. You should always keep in mind that your windows aren't meant to last forever. Is it time to replace your windows? Here are three reasons you should consider it.

1. Replace Your Windows If They Are Old or Damaged

The older your windows, the less effective they are. Windows become weak over time. The weaker the window, the more they can leak air. This can directly affect your energy costs, as your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep the space comfortable.

Weak windows also damage easily. In fact, they can represent an outright hazard. For example, if someone leans against an older window, the glass can shatter and cause injury. If the frame of the window has rotted, the entire window can break free.

You can usually tell you have old or damaged windows by a number of signs.

  • Windows feel loose or shaky
  • Locking mechanism barely works or doesn't work at all
  • Opening or closing the window is a struggle
  • Glass looks old, stained, discolored, or warped

If you're not sure, have a window contractor take a look. He or she can tell you whether your windows are still viable or structurally sound.

Older windows aren't energy efficient. When replacing them, you may want to go with modern options that can help you save on your energy costs. For example, installing windows with multiple panes and added insulation can help to keep a space sealed and comfortable.

Newer windows can add strength and security to your home. In addition, you can opt for windows that do a little more, such as noise dampening.

2. Replace Your Windows to Fix a Faulty Installation

A faulty installation can cause you a lot of problems. This can occur if you let a non-professional do your installation. If the window sits loosely, or has gaps, it can cause moisture to build up inside your walls. This can cause mold, mildew, and all the issues that come along with moisture.

A faulty installation can give pests direct access to your space. In fact, that moisture buildup will outright attract many of them.

To remedy a faulty installation, have the windows professionally replaced. You can have the contractor fix the new installation rather than replace it, but only do that if you notice issues early on. Many of the signs of a faulty installation mirror the same kinds of issues you will have from old windows.

3. Replace Your Windows for Curb Appeal and Added Resale Value

Windows are some of the first things that draw the eye. Old windows actually decrease the value of your home. If you intend to sell or just want to increase your resale value in general, then upgrade your windows. If you add in insulated or other types of energy-efficient windows, that value increases even more.

You may just want to add in some better-looking windows for purely aesthetic reasons. But, no matter the reason, always make sure a professional does your new window installation. A faulty installation can negate any benefit you would receive from your replacement windows.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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