windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Rebuilding After A Fire

Ray Moreno

If you have survived a house fire, you can be scarred in more ways than one. Even if no one is physically hurt, the devastation of your home and possessions can be overwhelming. If you are able to remodel or rebuild, you can choose fire-resistant materials to reduce the chance that this type of catastrophe happens to you again. 


Fire resistant siding is attractive and versatile. Not only will your home have a lovely exterior, you will have more peace of mind. Excellent fire-resistant choices include fiber cement siding, through a place like Blue Springs Siding and Windows. When properly installed, this type of siding can provide up to four hours of high-heat protection. Fire personnel will have a fighting chance to save your home before the structure collapses. A natural stone siding also offers excellent fire protection while giving your home a classic look. In some cases, you can match the look of your pre-fire home but use fire-resistant siding to do so. 


Vinyl "cool" roofing can help fend off fires as well. It contains fire retardants and can self-extinguish once the fire source is gone. Another great choice is a metal roof. These roofs protect your home from fire and have become more sophisticated over the last decade. These roofs now come shaped as shingles or tiles and so no longer have that "shed" look that some people do not like. If your home had a traditional shingle roof before, you can retain that conventional look but gain more fire safety. 


Fire-resistant window glass is also an option you should consider. One traditional choice is polished wired glass. This type of window often has a 45-minute fire rating so that fire personnel will have time to put out the flames before the windows blow out. If you want to keep a more traditional look, you can choose glass ceramic glazing. In additional to looking like "normal" glass, this type can have up to a three-hour fire rating, giving you a safety zone. It also should be impact proof. You may have to pay more for this type of protection, but you will feel and be safer. 

Of course, you would have preferred not to remodel under these conditions. However, you can take the opportunity to lower the risk of a fire happening to you again. Although it may take some time to make your family feel safe, taking these extra precautions is an excellent beginning. Contact a local contractor today and ask about fire-resistant materials. 


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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