windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Window Upgrades: 4 Helpful Tips For Selecting The Right Vinyl Window

Ray Moreno

If you have decided to replace your current windows with vinyl than you are probably aware of all the benefits associated with them. Vinyl windows are energy efficient, affordable, and flexible in terms of style. Knowing the basic benefits of them is just one part though, in order to choose the best type of vinyl window for your home you need to do a little research.

If you don't know what you should be looking for, don't worry. Here are four helpful tips to help ensure you choose the right vinyl window for your home:

1. Know Neighborhood Guidelines

If your home is part of the homeowner's association, then you need to read up on their guidelines before you purchase your windows. You may be restricted to a specific type, color, or style of window. You don't want to buy a window style that you love, only to discover you can't install it. So to save time, money, and frustration, make sure you know the guidelines for your neighborhood—if you have any.

2. Know The Different Insulation Options

There are several different types of insulation options available for vinyl windows. Some common types of insulation options include double-paned, triple-paned, hollow framed, and foam framed. Each type of insulation option offers a different level of protection from the outside elements. For example, a triple-paned window will be far more efficient than a single-paned window. The type you choose will depend on your budget and needs. So do your research and talk to a contractor (like those at Beissel Window & Siding and other locations) if in doubt, before you choose a style.

3. Glass and Screen Options

Another thing you will need to know is what type of glass and screen you want. Vinyl windows come in all sorts of glass thicknesses, including those with an ultra-violet coating to protect from UV rays. You can also choose from an assortment of screen options, including fiberglass and metal. Again, the type of glass and screen you choose will depend on your needs and personal budget. So get help from an expert and weigh your choices carefully.

4. Style and Color

Finally, you have to decide what color and style you would like your window in. Vinyl comes in a huge variety of different styles and colors, so the choices are pretty endless. If you aren't sure what type of color or style to choose, take hints from your local neighborhood or similar houses. You can also use the current color scheme of your home to help you choose. If you can't think of a good color scheme, you can always opt for a neutral such as white or grey.

While choosing vinyl windows for your home might seem a little daunting, it doesn't have to be. With a little bit of knowledge and a keen eye, you will be well on your way to stylish and energy efficient new windows.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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