windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Three Common Types Of Window That Are Convenient To Clean

Ray Moreno

Cleaning windows can be a hassle. Many window designs unfortunately aggravate the problem by making it difficult to access parts that need to be cleaned, like frames or glass. Dirty windows can significantly detract from the appearance of your home, so ease of cleaning is a factor you should really be taking into account when you're on the market for replacement windows. 

If you've found it hard to keep your windows looking clear and clean in the past, try one of the following three window types:

Sliding windows

The mention of sliding windows on this list may surprise many readers. Sliding windows traditionally consisted of one immobile panel and a second panel that could be moved. This design often led to problems with the accessibility of the immobile panel. Also, this design often caused moisture to build up between double panes and cause leaks. Those who have had older designs of sliding windows in their homes may associate sliding windows with cleaning problems. 

Modern sliding windows often consist of double mobile panels. The tight mobile frames of a modern sliding window facilitate cleaning by making all parts of both panels more easily accessible and free from debris and moisture buildup. 

Casement windows

The casement window design allows for easy cleaning from the outside of the house. If a casement window is opened as far as possible, it can be cleaned on both sides from the outside of the home. 

Not only are casement windows easy to clean, but they also allow for optimal exposure to both light and fresh air on the interior of a home. 

Rotating windows

A rotating window design allows the entire window to be turned rotated horizontally or vertically. These windows can be easily accessed and cleaned from either the interior or exterior of the home. 

Rotating windows are especially easy to clean thanks to the fact that they can be moved and repositioned while you're cleaning them. They come in a wide variety of different shapes so that they can suit the unique tastes of homeowners, and they offer exceptional ventilation. 

Material considerations

If you're looking to make cleaning your windows easier, you need to consider more than just the type of window design you're choosing. You also need to consider the material that your windows are made from.

Windows made from vinyl or wood with a natural finish are typically easier to keep clean than painted windows. This is due to the fact that a painted frame may oxidize if it is exposed to the elements, and oxidation can create unattractive steaks on the window that are hard to get off. 

Talk to window suppliers, such as Gallagher Bros. Inc., for more tips and information.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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