windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

The Perks Of Fiberglass Double Hung Windows

Ray Moreno

There are many great window materials on the market. However, you would have a hard time finding a more practical solution than fiberglass. It is an ideal material for homeowners who want a low maintenance and durable product. When shopping for fiberglass windows, you still need to decide what type of window you need for each fixture. On sliding windows, single hung frames are the most common, but there are many perks of double hung windows. This article explains the advantages of fiberglass double hung windows.

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a great material for windows for a number of reasons. Fiberglass is hard and it has a powder coat finish that further reinforces the frame. This prevents scratching and also gives the frame a smooth finish that is ideal for sliding fixtures. Fiberglass windows have such a smooth finish that they do not need to be lubricated in order to slide freely.

Fiberglass is also a great material because of its hollow construction. This means that, if necessary, you can order fiberglass frames that have added insulation. This is something that you cannot do with solid wooden and vinyl windows. Insulated fiberglass windows will have great solar and thermal efficiency. You might be able to run your heating and air conditioner at lower levels throughout the year to save some money.

Fiberglass windows come in a broad selection of colors (not just white). So, you will be able to find a fiberglass window option that matches any style or color scheme in your home.

Why Double Hung?

When ordering your fiberglass frames, you will want to consider double hung frames. Double hung windows have two movable sashes that can be slid the entire height of the frame. This means you can leave a gap at the top and bottom of the frame. During the summer, cold air can come into the room through the bottom opening, while the warm air flows out through the top. This is a quicker way to cool down a room without relying on your air conditioner. Double hung windows have counterweights within the frame, making them generally more expensive. You also need to take a little extra care to keep the tracks clean, so it does not hamper the sliding of the sashes.

As you can see, fiberglass frames are great for most homeowners, and there are probably several fixtures in your home that could benefit from having double hung windows. Talk to a company like Zephyr Aluminum Renewal by Andersen to learn more. 


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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