windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Increasing Your Windows' Efficiency

Ray Moreno

If you have noticed that you are paying high prices for heating, you may want to take a look at your windows to see if there are improvements you can make to help keep your heat on the inside of your home. Glass panes can cause you to lose anywhere from ten to 25% of your home's heat when left uncovered, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Here are some ways you can reduce that percentage, helping to improve the efficiency of your windows and lowering your energy costs as a result.

Seal Around Frames

If there is a gap between your window frame and your home, air is getting out of this area. To reduce the amount of heat you lose, these spots should be filled in completely. To find areas with drafts, use a lit incense stick to confirm suspect areas. Hold the stick up against your window and slowly move it around the perimeter. If you notice the smoke flickering quickly in a spot along the frame, repair will be needed. Apply some caulk or expandable foam to fill in the void around the window.

Add A Covering

Covering your panes will help keep your heat inside. At the bare minimum, use a heavy-duty curtain or drapery over your window during times where weather is very cool outdoors to help retain your heat. Look for material with a layer of insulating cloth sewn on the interior of the curtain or drape material to increase the amount of heat you retain. Try using glass pane shrink wrap to keep even more of your heat inside. This is applied by sticking a clear piece of film over your window pane and heating it so it shrinks into place. It can be easily removed when winter weather ceases, allowing you to save money on heating without altering the look of your window panes permanently.

Consider Replacing

If you have a home with older windows, it may be beneficial to make a complete switch to new energy-efficient panes. The cost of the new windows will be paid back over the years with the amount of heat you retain inside your home. The trade-off is having great looking windows that improve the aesthetics of your home. There are several pane choices including double-pane with insulating gas infused between the glass or glazed panes. Select an Energy-Star efficient window for the best benefits in saving on heating and cooling costs. For more information, contact Window Planet or a similar company.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

Have you ever thought about growing your own herbs inside your kitchen? Whether you live in an area that isn't garden-friendly or just don't have the space outside for the herbs, you can find some great window options for growing an indoor herb garden that fills your kitchen with great scents while it's growing and while you are cooking with them. On this blog you will find tips for choosing windows that will help promote the growth of your herbs and designs for windows that are meant to grow such gardens in your home without all of the headaches that can come with it.