windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Privacy Window Options

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If your windows are not beneficial in giving you the privacy you would like within your home, you have several options available to decrease or distort what people are able to see when they look through the other side of a glass pane. Here are some ways you can increase the privacy your windows give you throughout your home without having to give up light being let into the room by covering the windows completely.     

Add Window Film

Privacy film is available in an array of patterns and can be easily placed on your existing panes yourself. Purchase this material in a glass or hardware store. Simply cut the film to fit the window you would like covered, peel the film off of the protective backing, and stick into place. Before you add this to your window, make sure it is completely free of debris so the result will be a smooth surface with a pleasing look. The film can be removed by peeling it away from the glass when desired. You would need to clean off any glue left from the film to leave you with a clear pane once again. 

Use Window Tint

Window tinting will allow you to look out of your window while others are not able to peer inside because the glass will appear darkened. Window tint is added much like window film, except you will need to use water to help it adhere. Cut a piece of film to fit the interior of your window pane. Wet the window using a spray bottle of water. Peel the film from the protective backing. Spray the sticky side of the film with water and place it against the wet surface of the window. Spray the dry surface of the film facing you with the water spray bottle. Use a squeegee to press the film over the glass, removing the water from between the glass and the film in the process. This will smooth out air bubbles as the material adheres to the glass.

Opt For Privacy Windows

Consider switching the glass panes completely in bathrooms or dressing rooms so people inside do not have to worry about someone peering inside. Replacement windows come ready to install with frosted or opaque glass already present within the frame. This is a great option if you are positive you want a permanent solution in incorporating privacy in your windows. Another option is to purchase windows that have blinds placed in the middle of a double-pane of glass. These can easily be cranked into a closed position when you wish to add more privacy to the room. Contact a local outlet, such as Morgan Exteriors Inc, for further assistance.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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