windows for growing your herbs indoors

windows for growing your herbs indoors

Wondering About That Crack In Your Windshield? A Few Facts To Consider

Ray Moreno

If you have a crack in your windshield, you may be wondering if you should have it repaired, replaced or just leave it be. The truth is, there are very few times you should just ignore the damage and let it be. Before you start worrying about the cost involved in having a windshield repaired or replaced, here are a few facts that will help make the decision easier.


An undamaged, properly installed windshield is one of the most important safety restraints in your vehicle. It can keep the roof from caving in if the car turns over in an accident, prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle, and keep debris from the crash from coming into the car and causing injuries. The glass in a windshield is comprised of two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl between them. The glass is adhered to the vinyl so that if the windshield is hit by something, it will not erupt into tiny shards that will lacerate your skin. Instead, the glass breaks but sticks to the vinyl.


You need to have a clear, unobstructed view of where you are going at all times when driving a motor vehicle. Any blemish in a windshield can obstruct your view of what is in your path. It can also unconsciously draw your attention to it so you are not paying attention to the road in front of you. This will cause a delayed reaction time that may result in an accident.


If you are waiting for payday to get an auto windshield replaced, you may want to read your insurance policy. Because of the importance of having a damage-free windshield, many insurance policies cover the cost for its repair or replacement under the comprehensive coverage. This means that even if you own the vehicle outright and have turned down collision coverage, there is a good chance your windshield is covered anyway. While you may have to pay the deductible, this lowers the remaining deductible for the rest of the year. For example, if your insurance deductible is $300.00 per year, and the windshield replacement cost you $130.00, you will only have to pay another $170.00 on the deductible if there is any other covered damage to the car. If you have a lower deductible, you could end up paying less than the cost of the repair.

Don't risk the safety of you and your passengers because you aren't sure what to do about a damaged windshield. Contact a repair company, such as Mr Go-Glass, find out if the damage can be fixed or if you need a replacement and get estimates on having the work done. Contact your insurance company to find out how much of the cost you will need to pay upfront, and have the work done. It could mean your life.


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windows for growing your herbs indoors

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